Give and ye shall receive (much gratitude from me, that is)

My birthday is a mere 4 weeks away from today. So with that in mind, I give you my birthday wishlist:

a really nice mortar & pestle thanks mom (bday)
mandolin (the one for slicing food really thin, not the instrument) thanks mom (bday)
Portal 2 coasters
this geeky sciencey shirt of awesomeness
Portal companion cube for me to love and squeeze and NOT incinerate
Portal 2 (PS3) merry Christmas to me from Sammi ❤
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii) with compatible Wii-mote we bought it! & Jonathan hates it 😛
Need for Speed: The Run (PS3) both my mom and Jonathan’s mom & sister got me a copy of this for Christmas…great minds! Gonna exchange one, possibly for Skyward Sword 😀
-cast iron skillet (small one and big one)
“Sisterhood Everlasting” by Ann Brashares thx Jo 🙂 (xmas)
3DS + games (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 3D Land) thanks Jonathan, you spoil me! (bday)
-Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES) birthday gift to myself 😀
the new Lights album Sammi spoils me 🙂 she also took me to see Lights before my birthday and went mug painting with me
manual pasta maker thanks mom, yet again. I’ll have to cook you guys up some fabulous food soon (bday)
-C. S. Lewis’s Narnia series in one large storybook form, preferrably with gold leaf edging, ribbon bookmark, and hand drawn pictures on every few pages
immersion blender thanks to Dani, Kevin, Sam, and Alex for yet another awesome gift (bday)
-Lego!!! (hint: new store in Guildford mall downstairs across from Starbucks & Below the Belt)
-several thousand piece puzzle (like 7000-10000 and beyond) which you can buy at this store in Central City mall that sells all kinds of card games and board games
-a really nice yet compact easel
cozy PJs (like, COZY. I get cold easily, especially at night) Zack got me the softest, coziest, Mickey Mouse PJs ever!!!! yay (xmas)
-a traditional matcha whisk + spoon. if you’re feeling particularly gifty you can throw in a tin of some good quality unsweetened matcha too 🙂
the complete plays of William Shakespeare (ideally a very nice and expensive complete WORKS, if you love me), either in one nicely bound volume or in a set, each individually bound probably my favourite gift, a three volume set of the complete works of Shakespeare, with printing press style text and illustrations every few pages. I am in love. Thanks mom & dad!! (xmas)
Apple Magic Mouse the scroll ball on my 2007 Magic Mouse no longer scrolls down 😦 I caved in and bought a new one as the old one was beyond frustrating!
mini muffin pans again, thx mom 🙂 (xmas)

If you don’t find the opportunity to purchase one or more of these items for my birthday, not to fret, Christmas conveniently comes just over a month after my birthday.

Commence appropriate procurement and showering-upons of birthday gifts!

Update: I am spoiled. Also, even though Christmas & my birthday have both come and gone, please feel free to finish this list up 😛

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